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Volume 34
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A school the community is a part of and proud of

The International School @ ParkCity Kuala Lumpur looks forward to renewed engagement as a seasoned hand assumes the Principal role.


James Worland is no stranger to the inner workings of The International School @ ParkCity Kuala Lumpur (ISPKL) or its sister school in ParkCity Hanoi, Vietnam (ISPH), and is well acquainted with the local communities which they serve.

Though freshly minted in his role as Principal, Worland actually joined ISPKL in 2013, at the start of just its third year of operation, placing him among the pioneers of the teaching faculty of the then-new-to-market international institution.

“I look back at my first six years in KL very fondly. It was a special time in the school’s history when we were growing and experiencing a lot of firsts. I feel very proud to have been present for significant moments such as the opening of our Early Years Centre at the ParkCity Club, watching our inaugural class graduate, and the construction of the Mawar Wing.

“Back then, the school community was smaller – allowing us to form very close bonds with our students’ families – which was a major factor in creating the intimate atmosphere the school has developed, and now prides itself on,” Worland recounts.

James Worland

It’s an incredibly exciting time for ISPKL and I’m proud to be leading our community into a new era.”

Following six successful years in a variety of leadership positions, Worland transitioned to the founding team at ISPH, Vietnam in 2019. Although his time in Hanoi was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Worland gained a lot of valuable experience from his tenure there, which reinforced his foundation to return to KL as ISPKL’s Principal.

“It has been such an honour to be selected as Principal. It’s an incredibly exciting time for ISPKL and I’m proud to be leading our community into a new era.

“My two main priorities since assuming this position have been to reconnect the ISPKL community in this post-Covid-19 period, and to plan for future growth and further development,” says Worland.

The easing of Covid-19 restrictions since his arrival has allowed Worland and his team the opportunity to resume events and initiatives aimed at strengthening its stakeholders’ engagement with the school.

“ISPKL always has been and will be a positive school with a lot of spirit. It’s an environment that allows our students to flourish and I’m so pleased our community can physically be part of that once again,” he adds.

As ISPKL’s reputation continues to grow, student enrolment is at an all-time high. To cater to the waiting list, the school will open a state-of-the-art campus extension in August 2023.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the campus extension. Not only will it allow us to increase our capacity by up to 50%, but the extension also incorporates a number of world-class facilities that will provide our students with a truly exceptional educational experience,” Worland enthuses.

Worland sees the campus extension as significant not just for ISPKL, but for the wider ParkCity Group community too.

“To me, the new building is a symbol of the ParkCity Group’s priorities. It shows every resident in and visitor to Desa ParkCity that education takes precedence along with the family-friendly atmosphere that makes the township so special and unique. It’s an investment in young people and I believe that speaks for itself.

“The demand for quality education has never been greater. Parents want a school where their children are happy and can blossom, and I’m confident the school ethos, structure and systems we’ve developed would be successful anywhere in the region – ISPH attests to this.

“It’s incredibly exciting to think what we have grown here at ISPKL could spread to more locations within Malaysia and internationally. With two schools already under the ParkCity Group banner, the sky’s the limit with regard to future education projects,” Worland concludes.

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