Current Issue - Volume 34 — Jan 2024

Volume 34
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A wellspring of colour paints the canvas of ParkCity Hanoi

Who would have known a conscious green strategy can catapult a township into national fame.


Spring — during the months of February to April — heralds a period of traditional festivals in the city of Hanoi, when trees are dressed with flowers and the city is awash with a kaleidoscope of glorious colours.

And come spring, the ParkCity township in the Ha Dong district of Hanoi is the go-to spot to admire and revel in the exuberance of cascading gold and fiery red blossoms.

Deliberately employing greenscapes to enrich its living environment, the township is peppered with Caribbean Trumpet and Red Silk Cotton trees, whose branches spread out prominently in a welcoming gesture along the 400m main boulevard. Dazzlingly photogenic, the beauty of the yellow and red blooms this spring has attracted thousands of visitors and embellished many a snapshot, going viral and trending on social media and broadcast channels in Vietnam.

So, if you happen to find yourself in ParkCity Hanoi, be sure to stop and smell the flowers! As the adage goes, “life is like a flower; you don’t realise how beautiful it really is until you take a closer look”.

Caribbean Trumpet trees
Red Silk Cotton trees

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