Current Issue - Volume 34 — Jan 2024

Volume 34
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ParkCity Group plays host to ministry officials

Accompanied by the top brass from his ministry, Minister of Local Government Development, YB Nga Kor Ming, undertakes a “turun padang” working tour of Desa ParkCity.


In February, Desa ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur had the honour of welcoming the newly-minted housing minister who had initiated the field trip to gather some input to improve the nation’s urban planning.

Over an excursion that spanned five hours, ParkCity Group hosted YB Nga Kor Ming, Minister of Local Government Development or Kementerian Pembangunan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) and his upper management team on a working tour of
Desa ParkCity.

The tour included several touch points such as The Central Park, The ParkCity Club, Plaza Arkadia, plus a couple of residential projects before the evening ended with a relaxing dinner at the lifestyle hot spot.

As widely reported in the media, the delegation of ministry officials was on a visit to exchange ideas and leverage ParkCity Group’s expertise in the field of sustainable urban planning and housing provision.

Said Nga in a statement: “Besides the sharing of housing expertise abroad such as the Housing & Development Board [of Singapore], the ministry is also ready to accept the views and knowledge sharing from local housing experts like Desa ParkCity [ParkCity Group], the recipient of over 30 international and national awards.

“More engagement sessions are needed to make the ministry’s goals a reality, and developers need to play their roles in developing community-friendly projects, especially with the preparation of affordable housing in strategic locations.”

In its pursuit of strengthening town planning provisions and policies, KPKT – through its Town and Country Planning Department (PLANMalaysia) – will focus on six criteria, namely: connectivity neighbourhoods, sustainable township planning, multi-sized open spaces, visual permeability as passive security, adaptation of renewable energy, and sustainable communities, which are the criteria that form the very ethos and DNA of ParkCity Group’s successful developments.