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Volume 34
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Plaza Arkadia — Enjoying the simple things in life

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures that bring the greatest happiness. Whilst The Waterfront and Central Park are both popular haunts, there’s another not-so-secret hot spot at Desa ParkCity.


Adorned in charming British Colonial-inspired architecture, it houses inviting open-air courtyards and an assortment of shopping, dining and entertainment amenities. It’s no wonder the picturesque Plaza Arkadia is a pulsing hive of activity.

Come dusk, the place takes on an even more atmospheric complexion, tinted by incandescent lighting, animated chatter, warm laughter and throngs of two- and four-legged visitors. In truth, the precinct evokes a surreal sense of being transported overseas whilst remaining very much at home — a unique equilibrium which is at once surprising, warm and welcoming.

Join us in a curated outing for a fun-filled evening at Plaza Arkadia.


Drop by the weekend bazaar located at one of the annex courtyards and snap up some fun and quirky buys.

12pm – 10pm

Friday to Sunday
10am – 10pm
(subject to change)


Jump on the buggy train ride for a fun excursion around the square. There are even seats for adults
— why should kids hog all the fun?


Indulge in a trip of nostalgia and challenge your hand-eye coordination at the games arcade.


Have dinner at one of the many petfriendly F&B outlets. From western and Italian to local and oriental cuisines, you will surely be spoilt for choice. 


Walk off the meal and enjoy the ambience on the lively promenades.


If you find it hard to end such a lovely night, you can make your moonbasking last longer at any of the alfresco cafes.

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