Current Issue - Volume 34 — Jan 2024

Volume 34
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Pushing the sustainability agenda from day one

ParkCity Group’s commitment to sustainability has benefitted its communities and reinforced its brand value.


From the onset, ParkCity Group has embraced sustainability as our core philosophy to guide all our business policies and strategies, creating value not just for our homebuyers, but for our community as a whole.

In our commitment to the pursuit of sustainability, ParkCity Group continuously introduces new measures to reduce the carbon footprint within our townships and improve the quality of life for our communities. Read on to find out the latest in our environmental efforts.

Making hay while the sun shines

In December 2022, a pilot scheme was launched to convert all the street lightings at the car parks located at the front and back of The Waterfront @ Desa ParkCity to solar lighting.

Furthermore, some of the on-site advertisement hoardings and billboards for ParkCity Group’s construction projects are now powered by solar spotlights.

Biking benefits

In line with ParkCity Group’s green initiatives, the Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia branch at Plaza Arkadia in Desa ParkCity offers free bicycle rides on the weekends. Limited to two hours, interested cyclists can hop on these bikes located at The Waterfront for a jaunty ride.

Sharing is caring

For eco-conscious bibliophiles, a book swap is a sustainable, zero-waste and inexpensive way to expand your literary horizons. Head to The Book Exchange Corner in Desa ParkCity to get your regular brain workout.

Launched in October 2022, the reading materials are donated by residents from the various neighbourhoods in Desa ParkCity. The Book Exchange Corner is located at Level 1 @ The Waterfront, near the Toys ‘R’ Us shop.

Recharging wheels made easy

For environmentally-friendly car owners, recharging electric vehicles (EV) has just become easier at various spots in ParkCity Group townships. In partnership with ParkEasy Shell, EV charging stations can be found in Car Park 1 at The Waterfront and the car park near Village Grocer in Basement 1 at Plaza Arkadia, both in Desa ParkCity.

EV charging stations will also be available in the Signature Corporate Tower @ Miri Times Square in Marina ParkCity upon completion in 3Q2023, and in the car park of the soon-to-be completed new wing of The International School @ ParkCity in Kuala Lumpur.

Aiming for gold

Targeting a Gold certification of the Green Building Index (GBI), the 14-storey Signature Corporate Tower @ Miri Times Square in Marina ParkCity is incorporated with a list of environmentally-friendly features, including:

  1. Strategic building orientation to optimise natural ventilation and heat control
  2. Reduction in solar heat gain through double glazed Low-E windows
  3. More than 50% of facade is glazed to maximise natural lighting
  4. Use of renewable energy (solar panels)
  5. Use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) materials
  6. Use of quality air filtration
  7. Control and monitoring of air temperature, movement and humidity
  8. Lush landscape as green buffer
  9. Rainwater harvesting system for landscape irrigation
  10. Water-efficient and sensor-operated toilet fittings
  11. Provision of EV charging stations

Schooling conservation

The new wing currently under construction at The International School @ ParkCity in Desa ParkCity has adopted numerous green initiatives such as solar energy systems, auto-sensor lighting for common areas, rainwater harvesting, as well as the integration of passive design strategies to promote natural lighting and ventilation.