Current Issue - Volume 34 — Jan 2024

Volume 34
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Quality education for growing minds

Known for its diversity and academic excellence, The International School @ ParkCity expands its ambit to meet the demand for quality schooling for all levels.


Levelling up

The opening of the new Sixth Form Centre at ISPH in August 2023 is the latest embodiment of the school’s mission to provide quality education, set high but achievable expectations, and to create a safe school in which every student is happy and valued as an individual.

Delivered by highly qualified and experienced international teachers, ISPH’s Sixth Form Centre primes 16- to 18-year-old students to enter university via the internationally-recognised
A-Level programme, which opens doors for students to pursue higher education abroad.

“ISPH firmly believes that the A-Level programme is not merely a pathway to university, but when combined with high-quality educational experiences, it becomes a transformative journey that will prepare students for life’s challenges and opportunities,” says ISPH Head of Secondary Stuart Hill.

One of the programme’s unique features is the opportunity for students to pursue project-based qualifications, where they take a deep dive into their chosen topics of interest to produce dissertation-style works that will enhance their university applications.

Under the guidance of ISPH’s experienced Sixth-Form team, students also learn effective time management, optimal learning strategies, as well as soft skills that are highly sought after in the marketplace.

Recognising students’ challenges in transitioning to A-Level, ISPH has arranged for university counsellors to conduct monthly personalised College Admissions and Career Planning sessions to help parents and students navigate the university application process, ensuring the perfect match between institution and aspiration.

Comprising a diverse and global community, the International School @ ParkCity values and celebrates diversity and inclusion, where all individuals can flourish in a thriving school community. Along with a top-notch academic education – complete with the right tools and environments for students to achieve their fullest potential – ISP also contributes to the well-being of its students through the empowerment of a connected community.

Such excellent attributes have not gone unnoticed, and the schools have seen a steady increase in student intake. At the start of the new academic year in August 2023, The International School @ ParkCity Kuala Lumpur (ISP KL) and Hanoi (ISPH) saw a total of 372 new students and their families joining the school communities, the single largest intake in ISP’s history – bringing the total number of students to above 1,400! And to ensure that the new intake is well catered for, ISP also welcomed 32 new teachers and academic support staff.

Taking flight with new wing

August also marked a significant milestone for ISP KL, with the unfolding of its new wing – a primary school site.

Spanning five storeys high, the building houses close to 40 classrooms, including a specialist primary library, performing arts space and art room, as well as indoor and outdoor sports facilities – to offer students a well-rounded education.

The new primary site is connected to the existing ISP KL campus – now a secondary campus – via a link bridge, promoting ease of commuting and sharing of facilities between the two wings.

The new building is timely as ISP KL has been on a steady growth momentum since its establishment in 2011.

With the increased number of classrooms, the school can now transition into a Sixth Form entry school, with six classrooms allocated per year group.

The new facilities also mean that ISP KL now has greater capacity to host internal and external events, boosting the school’s visibility on the FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) and AIMS (Association of International Malaysian Schools) calendars.

Being able to accommodate a larger student intake, the coveted school is set to attract more enrolments, not just from Desa ParkCity itself but from neighbouring communities as well, eventually spurring more families to make their homes in the award-winning master-planned community.

With the new wing, ISP KL now offers greater opportunities to students and parents, as well as welfare organisations that use the on-site facilities, under its continuing commitment towards community engagement today and beyond.