Current Issue - Volume 34 — Jan 2024

Volume 34
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Stepping up the sustainability score

ParkCity Group’s commitment to environment conservation continues to be strengthened through various green initiatives.


Desa ParkCity – it is not merely a location, but a well-known brand that spells masterfully planned liveability and sustainability. Recognised with a string of accolades, the green township has been a full-scale study model for city planners and even fellow real estate players. 

But far from resting on our laurels, the ParkCity Group is determined to explore and adopt new approaches that will enhance our environmental sustainability quotient.

Our philosophy is to humanise the practice of holistic sustainability. Therefore, ParkCity Group actively pursues and promotes collective engagement with our townships and communities. As we cultivate a culture of nurturing, education and encouragement, denizens of Desa ParkCity have come to embrace sustainability as a precept and lifestyle. 

Together, we are accelerating the advancement towards our environmental targets.

Taking lessons beyond the classroom

It’s never too early or too late to educate children about the environment and the ways in which they can and must protect it. In fact, the best platform to cultivate green awareness is the home and school. It is all too crucial to make children realise even small actions, over time, have large impacts. Hence, through The International School @ ParkCity Kuala Lumpur, children are provided with the building blocks to inculcate the knowledge and desire to develop sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles as they grow older.

In July 2023, the Year Seven to Sixth Form students from the school collaborated with the ParkCity Group Landscape Parks & Public Works team in a gardening workshop programme that spanned four days. Over the period, about 150 students in four separate batches excitedly took part in constructive hands-on activities such as a basic plant knowledge and nursery management discourse, as well as stem-cutting for propagation and planting workshops. Additionally, the students undertook a plogging (picking up rubbish whilst jogging) exercise around Central Park in Desa ParkCity.

Being kind – to the earth and to the needy

To facilitate recycling for the community, The ParkCity Group Recycling Centre – established in 2015 – has since introduced 15 recycling points across the Desa ParkCity township, with bins strategically placed in neighbourhoods, commercial centres and at The International School.

In partnership with non-profit organisation Pertubuhan Kebajikan Masyarakat Melalui Kitar Semula (Community Recycle-Charity), residents also receive a helping hand in the collection of bulk items. Meanwhile, proceeds from the recycling efforts are channelled towards various charitable programmes.

Gaining a new lease on life

The Khaya tree is a typical hardwood tree found in Desa ParkCity. On the rare occasions a Khaya tree perishes, the wood is salvaged and repurposed into organic stools. These signature seats redefine our community spaces and conscientiously demonstrate the adaptive reuse of otherwise-discarded natural material into functional features.

New and eco-friendly

Besides numerous green initiatives, the newly completed wing at The International School @ ParkCity Kuala Lumpur also incorporates passive design strategies to help reduce the building’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. The sustainable design elements include:

An open-concept layout to promote cross ventilation and natural lighting.

Vegetated open spaces to provide natural cooling of air.

Solar-energy panels integrated into the roofing and solar lighting on the football field.

Auto-sensor lighting for common areas including staircases and corridors.

Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint to reduce the emission of harmful gas.

Facade glass windows of classes and training rooms hard-coated with Low-E glazing.

Rainwater harvesting system

Electric-vehicle car parking and bicycle bays

KLEAN-ing waste, earning points

Standing near Family Mart at The Waterfront @ Desa ParkCity is an eye-catching box – the KLEAN recycling vending machine. The inception is powered by an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform that promotes recycling through behavioural change via incentivisation.

Users are encouraged to play their parts in environmental conservation by earning KLEAN points when depositing either plastic bottles or aluminium cans into the machine. These points can then be redeemed for rewards with selected partners such as Grab, Lotus’s, Touch ‘n Go, Petronas Setel and others.